Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hearty Groundhog

Groundhog's Day

Well the Superbowl put me behind in blogging so I am going have to catch you up on what we have been doing at Preschool the last few days. 

Today was the day before Groundhog's Day and since it is also the first day of February we decided to do the Hearty Groundhog.  When finished he should look like the below picture.

For Prep you will need the following: Brown paper with half a heart traced on it, A smaller Brown Heart with a line down the middle, A smaller White heart, 2 White Ovals, 1 Black Oval and 6 small thin rectangles.  

To start you give your preschoolers the big Brown half a heart, (we stapled it together so it wouldn't open before we wanted it to).  Then explain to them how to properly hold the scissors and also where you want them to cut and let them cut away.  When they are done have them write their names on one side.

After you show them what they cut out (a heart) have them lay it on the table upside down with the pointy side up.

Still with their name facing them give them the smaller Brown heart with the line down the middle and have them cut it in half.  They then glue it on the top part of the heart, (can you see my two little x's that is where they were to put their half a heart)

I missed getting a picture of it, but still with the name facing out glue the small White heart to the bottom of the upside down heart. 

Then have then hide their name, now the work begins on the front of our Groundhog. 

Glue the two White Oval's on the front and the one Black one for the nose.

Have them color in a smaller Black oval in the middle of the two White ovals for the eyes.

Then finally glue the 6 thin rectangle's around the nose for whiskers. 

And there you have it a Groundhog made out of Heart's how fun is that?

And a lot of artistic interpretation too!

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