Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Biggest to Smallest Hearts!!

Here is our morning paper.

For our activity we cut a 12x18 piece of construction paper into thirds.  Then we wrote on the bottom, one side said "Biggest to...." the other said "Smallest" 

We also cut out a series of hearts in different sizes and colors.  

This is a really simple craft for the kids and teaches a really important concept.  

Here is what their work mat looked like.

They were asked to write their names on the paper and then turn it over when done.  


We started by explaining how to figure out which one is bigger than the other,  this is called comparing and contrasting, they learned how to hold one next to the other to compare it to the size of the other.

Then they laid them out on their paper BEFORE they glued them to make sure they had each size correct.  

After they thought they got them in the correct order they then were able to glue them on.  

That is all there is simple and easy, but a much needed concept to learn.  

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