Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pet Store Field Trip

Field Trip
Pet Store and Udderly Sweet

At Sunshine Preschool we take a field trip every month, (except for December as it is already busy enough without us adding to it.) Since this is January it is time for our trip to the Grocery Store, the kids absolutely LOVE to see behind the scenes of somewhere they go to all the time.  The are amazed at the size (and the chill) of the HUGE walk in freezers and they get a "treat" from each department.  

BUT this year our "Go to" Grocery Store is remodeling so we put out the word that we needed an idea for a new place to go.  We hit upon an idea to go to a local pet store, now this is more than just a pet store it is AMAZING, one person described it has a free zoo and really I couldn't agree more.  

The kids got to learn about Bunnies and pet one too.

Then they learned about the birds.

I have to say I was glad they didn't take the birds out to be petted.  

Then they went into the reptile area, what a great spot they kids got to sit down on this wonderful carpet and learn about a lot of the reptiles.  They even got to pet a baby Bearded Dragon.

This is Jeremiah and he walked us through the field trip and helped us learn about all the different animals.  

Here is the baby Bearded Dragon, isn't he cute.

Then they saw snakes and frogs, toads and skinks too.  

All this was on the way to the Fish Zone, where they have these HUGE tanks of fish that live at the pet store.  

This is a Catfish and while we were there they feed him, it was lots of fun to watch.  

They had lots of other animals for us to look at too.  

All this took about an hour, and since we knew that before we started we decided to do an add on.  In the same shopping center as the pet store there is a great shop called Udderly Sweet.  They are a locally owned frozen yogurt store.  They have lots of flavors and so many yummy toppings it is crazy.  

Ms. April the owner welcomed us and showed the preschoolers how they make the Yogurt and also talked about how to properly get your treat and toppings.   

After that they went to town and if you ask me I think they had a blast. 


When they were all done they went on their way back home, but I think that they will remember this day for long time to come.  Thanks for all the help from the parents today you guys ROCK!!

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