Monday, January 28, 2013

Punxsutawney Phil


Since Groundhog's day is just days away, this week we are focusing on that cute little Woodchuck.  We start by reading a story about good ole Punxsutawney Phil, explaining about the tradition, what a shadow is and why we really want him to NOT see his shadow.  

To start the activity for today you need two colors of construction paper.  A 9x12 piece of Black and then a Groundhog cutout on Brown (really could be any color). After you get the Groundhog cutout you need to stick it on the center of the black paper.  

We have tried many ways to make this happen, the best way seems to be spraying it down on the back (the Groundhog) with spray glue, giving it a minute or two and then pressing it down onto the black paper.  It will then be repositionable which is what you need.  

That is all you need to do for prep work.  Next is what you need for your activity.  White Paint, little containers (to put the paint in) and some kind of sponge to paint with.  

We use clothespins and small cut up pieces of sponges, they work great and give you a really nice texture to your projects and it is a perfect fine motor skill.  

After you have the kids write their names on the back of their black papers (with white crayon) you give them their container of paint, their painting utensil, and off they go.  Instruct them to sponge (hop) their painting tool all around the edges of the Groundhog where the black and brown paper meet.  

When they are done it will look like this.

Or this.

Or some like this.

We collect them and set them aside to dry, usually it doesn't take very long as not very much paint is used to complete this project.  

The teacher then removes the brown Groundhog, it should just peel off.  When it is removed this is what you get.

And just like that you have a Groundhog with a shadow! 

Happy almost Groundhog's Day!!


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  2. Is there a template for the ground hog?