Friday, January 25, 2013

Marshmallows with Cocoa!

Some fun with a lot of YUM!!

Today was all about our Imagination and boy did we have fun with it.  The kids made a cup of Hot Cocoa all by themselves and afterwards they got to have a real cup of Hot Cocoa and add some yummy real Marshmallows to it.  

I do want to say that this is probably the easiest activity we have ever done and I liked it.  It gave the kids some extra free time today and once in a while that is a great thing to have happen.

Here is the cast of Character that you will need.   

See super easy, you need one clear cup.  We went with a big 16 oz one, because we wanted them to have more to put in the cup. 
Then you need shredded brown paper, the craft store carries this.  
And last, but not least white pom pom's.   

Give the kiddos their supplies and watch their imagination go.  It is really simple they just add the shredded paper (Hot Cocoa) and then their white Pom Pom's (Marshmallows) and they are done.  They can dump it out and do it all again as many times as they want.  It was really fun to watch them pretend to drink their Hot Cocoa.

I just love that this little guy put all his Marshmallows on the bottom.  

So there you go a cup of Hot Cocoa guaranteed not to burn any tongues.

We topped our day by serving a real cup of Hot (warm) Cocoa with Marshmallows that they got to enjoy during snack time.   

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